Chhattisgarh CM in Assam, alleges BJP of "ruining" the country by "selling" public assets



Chhattisgarh Chief Minister and Congress leader, Bhupesh Baghel on Tuesday, alleged the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) of "ruining the country by selling the pubic assets".

Addressing a poll rally for Congress candidate Pranati Phukan at Namrup Gandhi field in Assam on Tuesday, Bhupesh Baghel hit out at the BJP government for "emotionally exploiting the people".

"No public assets and industries are safe in the country as long as BJP is in the power. They have failed to build Namrup Fertilizer 4th unit. The BJP government is selling public property to private parties. BJP is a party of 'jumla' (false promises); they only announce but in reality, they did nothing for the people," Baghel said.


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"If you vote for Congress then your Namrup Fertilizer will survive otherwise, it will be sold to private parties for sure," Baghel said.

Hitting out at BJP, Baghel said the Sarbananda Sonowal led-BJP government have failed to deliver their promises in the last five years.

"They promised to increase wages of tea garden workers up to Rs 351 but, they failed to increase the wage in (the) last five years. Recently, Rs 217 has been increased but, the workers are not getting the increasing amount to date. BJP only make fake promises but, we fulfil our promises. If our party is voted to power in Assam, our party will fulfil all the '5' Guarantees' promised by Rahul Gandhi during a rally in Assam," Baghel said.

Naharkatia seat will witness a triangular contest between BJP, Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) and Congress.

Baghel also came down heavily on Union Home Minister Amit Shah for his speech to end agitation in Assam.


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"Agitation and protest will not stop in Assam till we get the BVFCL Namrup 4th unit. BJP is a threat to the identity, culture and history of Assam. They will implement the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) if they come to power again in Assam. If we are voted to power in Assam, we will withdraw CAA," Baghel added.

Addressing the rally, Kaliabor MP Gaurav Gogoi launched a scathing attack on Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal for "running commissioning Raj" in Assam.

"Jatiya Nayak is taking a commission from everything. Under the BJP government in Assam, common people are witnessing skyrocketing price rise. Sarbananda Sonowal is the weakest Chief minister of Assam because he has failed to fulfil the promise to give Rs 351 daily wages to tea workers," he added.

"During Congress rule, people are getting everything but, now due to price rise, people are suffering. Congress has come up with '5 Guarantees', not fake promises. If our grand alliance forms the government, we will give 5 lakh jobs to unemployed youth," Gogoi asserted.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)