Assamese connection in Alibaba’s Eyeprint id security tech


GUWAHATI: Chinese giant Alibaba's globally talked about recent acquisition of a US-based start-up, EyeVerify, near foolproof bio-metrics authentication technology, which promises to answer the security concerns of online traders worldwide, has an Assamese connection, too!

Not many here in India, and Assam in particular, would perhaps know that the technology that uses pictures of the human eyeball to unlock mobile services and secure online transactions and has been rated as the deal of the year by trade pundits worldwide, is the brainchild of Guwahati boy Riddhiman Das and his team at EyeVerify.

The technology that is central to the most talked about deal between US and China – found mention even in Forbes magazine and many other leading international journals – has been developed by this US-based Assamese innovator along with a team in the US-based start-up EyeVerify.

Riddhiman, who, a few years back, was awarded with the Champions of Change award by the White House, is now among the most sought after young innovators in the world and several top business groups, including those in India, have expressed their interest to hire his services (start-up).

The deal between Chinese giant Alibaba's privately-owned subsidiary Ant Financial and EyeVerify is reported to be worth between 70 million US dollars to 100 million US dollars, although entities from the both the countries refrained from quantifying the same.

Riddhiman asserted that, "The deal is so talked about around the globe because people are beginning to realise that as we move towards a cashless society worldwide and identifying theft and fraud in financial transactions is critically important. As a result of these threats and our ability to secure against them, we've got a never before chance to be the identity and financial security vendor of choice for institutions worldwide." He also said that the deal enables them to go after much bigger markets .

"What I'm more excited about is the altruistic nature of Alibaba as they want to allow an illiterate independent artisan in Asia to sell her goods to an American consumer in Chicago without getting defrauded in the process, and we're a critical part of that identity chain," he explained.

On his role in the latest deal, he said, "We developed the EyeVerify technology at the lab at University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), and then brought it out commercially. I've been involved with the technology and the company since its very invention and commercialisation," he pointed out.

On penetrating the Indian market, Riddhiman said, "We've got several strategies on how to go after the Indian market. Specifically, with Alibaba's stake in Paytm, that makes a good entry into over a billion people in the Indian market. Another trend that is happening in India is the rise of online-only banks and the increased adoption of mobile and online payments."

"We're in touch with several global businesses, including the largest banks and financial institutions in the United States and North America, Europe and Asia. However, I cannot disclose any information about deals in progress and our product development roadmap," he maintained.

On his future plans, he stated, "I remain committed to helping EyeVerify grow in the next few years, and then hope to continue to have an impact on the information revolution that we're currently in the middle of."

(Source: Assam Tribune)

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