Assam polls 2021: Former BJP leader expresses confidence in Congress winning Dispur seat



Congress candidate from 19 (ST) Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC) and former BJP leader Sum Ronghang expressed confidence in winning the ensuing Assembly election and forming the Congress government in Dispur.

While addressing an election campaign at Upper Dillaji, Hapjan playground on Thursday, Ronghang stated that if Congress forms the government in Dispur, it will set up an enquiry commission to unearth the alleged corruption cases in the present BJP-led Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC).

“Did Karbi Anglong become rich that the CEM can afford to use a helicopter for his election campaign? Will the CEM spend his own money? No! He is using a helicopter at the expense of public money,” Ronghang said.

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“The KAAC budget of 2020-21 financial year from the State Government was Rs 600 crore. There are at least Rs 1,000 crore Central Government’s sponsored schemes in a year. The EMs are unaware of the money of central sponsored schemes. They are afraid of the CEM. He is not Tuliram but Lutiram,” he said.

“Congress is going to form the next government in Dispur. It is only the Congress that can fight to defeat the BJP, other parties like the ASDC, HSDC, CPI (ML), APHLC, Raijol Dal and AJP should support the Congress,” Ronghang added.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)