Assam issues new COVID-19 guidelines in view of Rongali Bihu

Following the recent spike in the number of COVID-19 cases, the Government of Assam released a fresh set of guidelines given the upcoming Rongali Bihu and other festivals.


Following the recent spike in the number of COVID-19 cases, the Government of Assam released a fresh set of guidelines given the upcoming Rongali Bihu and other festivals.

A notification issued by the Assam Health Department mentions the guidelines to be followed in a “need-based manner”, keeping the “3 Ts - Testing Tracing and Tracking” to ensure the safe celebration of Rongali Bihu and other festivals.

It also stressed racking up the vaccination drives throughout the state.


Permission for organising functions and other festivals:

Event organisers must seek permission from the respective District Administration for organising any event, mentioning the number of people likely to gather at the proposed event, and the maximum capacity of the place/site where the event would be held.

It will enable District Administration to extend all support to the event organisers for a successful and safe celebration of the event.

The programme/festival/event has to be concluded by 11:00 pm.

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Testing of organisers and volunteers:

All organisers and volunteers involved in the organisation of functions and festivals must test themselves for COVID-19 three (3) days before and after the event.

Necessary assistance from the nearest Government/private testing facility may be taken in this regard.

Arrangements at the programme/festival/event site:

The event spot/site should be spacious and must be open from all sides.
The area must have adequate space for the arrangement of physical distancing (as per COVID-19 protocol).

There should be multiple and separate entry and exit points.

Organisers must take measures to avoid crowding at all costs.

Each participant should be screened for fever by the volunteers, and anyone having a higher temperature may be advised to report to the nearest health facility for testing.

Proper signage must be there for visitors to adhere to COVID appropriate behaviour once they enter the event area.

Organisers should make the seating arrangements in such a way that social distancing is maintained.

In the case of fixed chairs, alternate seats may be considered.

Organisers must engage volunteers at different points inside the event area to help the visitors.

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Keeping adequate volunteers available:

Event organisers must keep enough volunteers inside and outside the event area to ensure that visitors maintain physical distancing, wear masks and sanitise hands.

Volunteers themselves must follow COVID appropriate behaviour while interacting with visitors.

Compulsory use of mask and hand sanitisers:

Proper usage of the mask is mandatory for visitors/organisers.
Hand sanitisers must be kept at the entry gate and in nearby areas, including the parking area.

Organisers must sanitise the event area twice daily (once before the crowd gathers and after they leave the venue) as a strict public health measure.

Emphasis on print, electronic and social media to maintain COVID protocol:

Using print, electronic, and social media must be optimally done to generate mass awareness about the COVID-19 protocols for organising the event.

Organising committee members must put up posters and signage in the event area for encouraging people to get vaccinated and for following COVID appropriate behaviour.

Meanwhile, Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMCH) principal Sanjeeb Kakati said that 4,224 COVID-19 patients had been treated at AMCH while the current number of active cases stands at 19.

“Everybody should wear masks and wash hands from time to time and avoid crowding places. Last year, we witnessed the massive spike and deaths of people because of COVID-19. This time we appeal to the people to sanitise hands, wear proper masks and take the vaccine. Nothing to worry about the vaccination,” Kakati said.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)