Assam: If voted to power within six hours, tea worker’s wage will increase daily to Rs 365, says Rahul Gandhi



Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that they will increase the daily wages of tea workers up to Rs 365 within six hours if the party is voted to power in Assam.

Addressing a poll rally at Doomdooma on Friday, Gandhi criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government for failing to increase the wages of the tea workers.

“BJP government in Assam runs from Nagpur, but if our party comes to power in Assam, our party will run from Assam. The saffron party is trying to destroy Assam’s culture, history and identity by imposing Nagpur culture to Assam,” Gandhi said.

Campaigning for Congress candidate Durga Bhumij of Doomdooma, Gandhi also mentioned how demonetisation had destroyed small-scale industries and termed the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as ‘Gabbar Tax’ which destroys small businesses.

“The BJP is a party for rich people. They don’t care about the public. They imposed three farm laws forcefully without the constant of the farmers as a result of which they are suffering,” he said.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)