Assam govt loses 300 crore monthly revenue due to power theft: CM Himanta

The resultant load of the loss generated from the defaulting consumers is compensated from the general public.


In a meeting with the power companies of Assam on Monday, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the state is losing revenue worth close to Rs 300 crore every month, due to non-payment of electricity bills and power theft by defaulters.

The Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd (APDCL), Assam Power Generation Corporation Ltd (APGCL) and Assam Electricity Grid Corporation (AEGCL) in Guwahati are currently run by the government, which provides electricity in the state. However, the units have struggled due to bad financial health, arising from defaults.

Speaking on the fraudulent consumption of electricity by the defaulters, the chief minister said that the public has to bear the brunt as the APDCL is compelled to approach the Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission to increase the rate of energy tariff. 

"The resultant load of the loss generated from the defaulting consumers is compensated from the general public," he said.

"The government is planning to bring down the hammer on illegal power consumption," he added.

Sarma has asked the power companies to increase vigil against such defaulters and illegal consumers. The power company APDCL will also have to prepare a profile of the defaulting consumers, as asked by the CM.

Meanwhile, the companies have been said to make a list of cement companies and other high-value consumers and tally their production or services with GST returns and electricity bills.

Sarma said that the exercise will help in bringing semblance between total quantum of electricity consumed and electricity bills thus paid.

"The department has started the process to identify defaulters and those adopting illegal means to cause loss to the power department," Sarma added, stating that the government is seeking  the help of Gujarat electricity department to try and adopt the best practices, which the department had adopted to reduce loss and increase revenue from the power supply.

(Edited by Marvin Kharsohnoh)

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