Assam Congress launches video ad through traditional ‘Bhaona’ narrative



The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee on March 15 released its first video advertisement, which is being aired across platforms, following a traditional Assamese narrative from intrinsic indigenous culture.

The video was released on social media by the Congress Party and, in the first few hours of the release, it received over 1 million views.

In the advertisement video, a pertinent question is being raised to shed light on the "draconian duo of CAA-NRC". The video is being showcased with the music and language of ‘Bhaona’, a Vaishnavite spiritual drama popularised in Assam by Sri Srimanta Sankardeva and several of his disciples.

Across villages of Assam, ‘Bhaona’ is staged on cultural occasions, with religious pomp and gaiety.

In the video advertisement, the song, which follows the traditional tune of ‘Bhaona’ affirms with a conviction that "Congress will give courage to the people of Assam to raise their voices and, also provide relief to the grassroots, who are in constant fear of losing their cultural identity, by nullifying the anti-people CAA law."

The video represents the "ethos of preserving the heritage, literature and language of the land, which has in the past five years, been shunned away to serve the political interests of Anti-Democratic Saffronisation, through imposing CAA."

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