AJP panel stresses on job creation, work culture for Assam’s progress



The first conclave of the socio-economic planning and development advisory council of Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) discussed several key economic and social issues of Assam, particularly focussing on the burning problem of unemployment.

The conclave was organised under the chairmanship of renowned economist and former diplomat, Jaimini Bhagawati here on February 16.

According to party sources, the conclave focused on creating job opportunities for unemployed youths and enhancing their working skills and abilities.

Speaking at the conclave, Bhagawati, a former high commissioner to the UK, said that along with the creation of an ambience for greater employment opportunities, augmentation of income was imperative for the state’s economy to grow.

“For the state to prosper economically, its earnings have to be more than its expenditure,” he said.

The council members complained about the slew of beneficiary-centric schemes launched by the incumbent government in Assam ahead of the state elections, that such schemes would not only enhance the number of unemployed persons, adversely affect work culture and subsequently the state’s economy.

The formation of the socio-economic planning and development advisory council of the regional political party was announced at a media conference by AJP president, Lurinjyoti Gogoi, here on February 2 last.

Experts belonging to Assam and hailing from the state but currently based overseas, are part of the advisory council formed to create a roadmap to strengthen the state’s economy.