Student body organises blood donation camp in Arunachal Pradesh



The Siang District Students’ Organisation (SDSO), in collaboration with AYANG (a non-profit organisation), organised a blood donation camp at Bakin Pertin General Hospital Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh on Friday.

SDSO President Tenzing Tamut and General Secretary Kamin Darang said many students turned up to donate blood, but 30 students were rejected because of various issues.

The duo also stated that they are thankful to those who helped organise the blood donation camp.

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“We will always work toward the wellbeing of common people by extending such voluntary blood donation and others,” Tamut said.

Meanwhile, the founder and chairman of AYANG, Aini Taki Taloh, lauded the initiative and the efforts of the SDSO.

“Blood donation is one of the purest kinds of service to humanity as it saves the life of many, and giving someone a life-sustaining blood is worthy of praises,” Taloh said.

(Edited by Laxmi Chyrmang)