Newborn-baby illegally sold off outside Arunachal Pradesh rescued



Special Adoption Agency (SAA) and ChildLine Roing, together with the police on March 4, rescued a baby who was being illegally sold off outside Arunachal Pradesh.

Reportedly, the baby was sold off by the parents working in a tea estate in Balek.

According to sources, Nani Maria Society (NMS) received a call about a newborn baby boy who was about to be sold.

“I was told that a labourer couple who are working at a tea estate in Balek was selling their newborn baby to another couple and that the baby would be taken out of Arunachal after the deal was done,” NMS chairperson Desai Linggi informed.

The couple who bought the baby did not know about legal adoption centres and said that they want to adopt the baby legally.

Meanwhile, the father of the baby has been taken into custody by the police.

A suo moto case has been registered against the parents of the baby.

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)