Forest officials seize carcass of hog deer in Arunachal’s Pasighat market



A team of forest officials, headed by Range Forest Officer, O Jamoh, seized the carcass of a hog deer from the daily market here in East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh on March 6.

“Considering the ongoing celebration Unying/Aran festival where hunting of wild animals and birds are practised traditionally by the local populations, the Pasighat forest division is conducting an intensive checking drive to stop the wanton killing of wild animals and birds,” informed Tashi Mize, Divisional Forest Officer (T), Pasighat Forest Division.

He also informed that many locals have already surrendered their air guns to his office and his office has already started activities to encourage surrendering of air guns in the district, with the cooperation of the East Siang unit of the Adi Baane Kebang.

Later, the carcass was burnt after conducting official formalities, and the case is under investigation.

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