Arunachal Pradesh: Female Sambar Deer found dead in D'Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary



A female Sambar deer was found dead on 1 January at Borguli Wildlife Range of D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, and the sample has been sent to the Veterinary department to find out the probable cause of death.

Borguli Wildlife Range Officer, Naning Perme said, “We minutely checked the animal but no external injury was found. On operating, the liver was also found healthy but it is important to find out the cause of death."

“The sample collected for the test has been sent to the veterinary department and results are awaited. However, as a precautionary measure we are sending out the sample for any future preparedness to fight against any possible disease which if not taken preventive measures for may take more toll on the wildlife in the sanctuary”, added Divisional Forest Officer, Tasang Taga.

Taga also said that the number of deers and wild buffaloes have also increased in number including that of other animals after hunting/poaching were restricted by taking tough action against all active hunters of the region.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)