Arunachal Pradesh: Adis celebrate Unying festival



The Unying Araan festival was celebrated by the Adis across the Adi inhabited districts of Arunachal Pradesh on March 7.

The festival marks the beginning of a new year and the arrival of spring for the Adis.

The Unying Araan is also a display of all traditional elements passed down from generation to generation.

During the festival, the male elders of the tribe perform 'Bari' songs and 'Yakjong' dance which narrates the festival's origin, followed by prayers for the well-being of the people.

An integral part of the festival is that it is customary for all the male members of the family to go hunting in the jungle for a week.

After returning from the hunt, the community take part in a grand feast.

This festival is celebrated for 10-days, and during this time, the Adis narrate their stories through dance and music.

(Edited by Shankar Kumar Turha)


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