Tripura becomes second to join the reform line vis-a-vis Lodha panel recommendations


CHENNAI: Compliance with Supreme Court orders on Lodha recommendations continues to be a phenomenon of the backwaters. As the metro-based and more-renowned state associations wait for instructions from the committee of administrators (COA), those in the fringes have started the process.

Tripura Cricket Association (TCA) became the second after Vidarbha to join the reform line by electing office following all guidelines, at a special general meeting on February 12. Most other bodies have replaced office-bearers deemed ineligible with interim appointments, and are waiting for COA's words on future moves.

New TCA president Ranjit Majumdar said as per the association's constitution, a 36-member governing body unanimously elected five office-bearers: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and joint-secretary. All are first-timers, which means there is no question of the cooling-off break, which those completing three years in office have to serve.

Adhering to guidelines, two former national-level cricketers (men and women) have been added. "For representatives of Comptroller of Auditor General, we have written to the AG's Office. A former Grade 1 judicial official has been appointed ombudsman," informed Majumdar, a former state government engineer who retired from the IAS in 2014.

"A day after the meeting, we sent details of office-bearers and other documents to the COA, BCCI and Lodha committee. We brought it to their notice that the TCA has implemented all steps made mandatory by the Supreme Court," said Majumdar, adding that the TCA is still to get a reply from any of the sides.

TCA amended its constitution as per Lodha guidelines on September 29, 2016, a day before the deadline set by the court. It held elections on January 3, which was challenged in court by a section of members. The February 12 meeting was held following a court order, where those chosen on January 3 got elected again.

With the COA set to have its third meeting on Friday, elections in BCCI and associations might come up for discussion, other than IPL and the Australia series. The COA has said elections in state bodies is second on agenda after BCCI elections. It has to be seen if TCA's initiative gets the green light.

(Source: The New Indian Express)