Sohra-Cherrapunjee marathon marred with allegations of misorganization


The Sohra-Cherrapunjee Marathon which recently took place on Sunday was very much a source of entertainment. It had gained recognition as this was the third edition of the marathon and it has now received certification from the United States Track and Field Association. This means that the marathon is now be a qualifier platform for all major marathons around the world which would include the Boston Qualifier Course.

However, the much talked about course had received a lot of negative reviews after the Sunday run. People flooded social media to vent their anger at the alleged mismanagement of the marathon. One of the biggest issues runners had was the timing which have been recorded inaccurately.

The Facebook page of the Sohra-Cherrapunjee marathon received the most criticism as runners who finished the marathon did not make it on to the list and so on. As the run had received the Boston qualifier tag, many people outside of Meghalaya came to take part in the run but due to the incessant rain it was difficult for the organisers to to manage such a big crowd but considering this was the third edition, the organisers should have been prepared for everything thrown at them.

There were however many people who were satisfied with the marathon and would enjoy another go at it. The organisers have also posted an apology online where they apologize profusely for the logistical errors and hope they make the next run better. As for the runners, most would just like to hope for better experiences next time and hope that the organizers learn from their errors.

(TNT Desk)

image: internet