Shillong Manchester Utd Fan Club unite as season’s 1st home game enthralls people


~~~By Natasha Dkhar

It was a night of fervour and excitement as the Red Devils aka Manchester United fans marched to Mikado Lounge; Police Bazaar to witness the first home game of the season between Manchester United FC and West Ham United FC on Sunday.The lounge was packed with fans all across Shillong with almost everyone wearing the Club's jersey with pride. Thunderous applause, chants took place as the game started and the atmosphere changed when the first goal netted by Romelu Lukaku put the hosts ahead in the game. As the match proceeded one could feel the chills as the fans sang in unison the famous "Glory, Glory, Man United…and the reds go marching on and on".

This is a first ever event that football lovers and Manchester United fans from this corner of the world came together as one in unity to support the club that they endeared the most. The fan club started by a bunch of football enthusiasts from Shillong goes by the name of Shillong Manchester United Fan Club. These young, die-hard fans of the prestigious club Manchester United took this initiative to promote the game in this football crazed city of ours. Their campaign mainly started through all social media platforms as well as putting up posters around the city. A hard task indeed yet they endeared everything to make the event a successful one.

Panbor Nongkynrih one of the admins of the fan club when asked on how does he feel about organising such event says "It's wonderful to be organizing a gathering like this, where we the Manchester Fans from all over Shillong can actually come together and support the team we love the most". He further added "In a football crazed city like ours we as Shillong Manchester Fan Club hope to organize much more events in the future".

Another admin of the fan club Sarvesham Thangkhiew adds "Manchester United for me is like a religion and to spread that religion is what we aim to do here in Shillong where we already have a big fan base".

"The live screening was more than just any sporting event but a chance for all Manchester United fans to come together and celebrate the beauty of the game"says A.Lyngdoh a United fan.

What is appealing about this event is that football in this region is not constricted only to the local games but to the various tournaments taking place elsewhere in the world.One need to love this game inorder to enjoy it.

So as the game reached its 90th minute, roars and chanting could be heard all over the lounge as Manchester United sealed its first win of the season with a 4-0 victory. Handshake,High fives,pat on each other's back could be seen as fans who knew each other for the first time exchanged between each other.

Shillong Manchester United Fan Club have a long way to go but are in the hopes of becoming one of the successful fan clubs of the prestigious clubs all over the world.It is never an easy path to take but to make the impossible a possible, extra hard work and dedication is needed.

This fan club is an example to various other fans of other prestigious clubs be it local,national or international to come together as one to celebrate the beauty of the game of FOOTBALL.


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