Olympics: Indian hockey team moves on to Quarter-Finals


India lost to world number 2 hockey team- Netherlands. Even with the 1-2 defeat, India however will still progress into the quarter-finals. This will be after a gap of 36 years. The last time India qualified was in 1980 at the Moscow games.

After the completion of their group matches, India stands third in the group with 6 points. India has now booked a knocked out spot with fourth place Ireland unable to make up the difference for a shot at moving on to the next round.

The first half saw India defensively very strong but the team conceded two goals in the 32nd and 54th minute. India however scrapped in a goal courtesy VR Raghunath. India had a penalty towards the end of the match with 2 and a half minutes left on the clock but proved fruitless as the Netherlands defence stood strong and did not concede an equalizer.

(TNT Desk)

image: internet