Meghalaya: Wangala troupe to be part of ISL opening act


TURA: A moment of great pride for the entire Garo Hills region indeed with the Wangala troupe of Damas Youth Forum selected to a part of the opening act of the upcoming Indian Super League (ISL) to begin on October 1.

The dance troupe is a part of the village of Damas in North Garo Hills and gained a reputation over the years of being amongst the best Wangala troupes leading to them performing across the country.

The team, which is already in Guwahati rehearsing their act in the city expressed hope that their participation would inspire more people to continue and cherish the rich tradition of the Wangala dance and provide a glimpse of the culture of the region.

"We have been given a special invitation by the ISL managing committee to be a part of the opening ceremony on October 1. While the dancers (women) would be a part of the welcome team for the various ISL teams, the drummers would be performing as part of the 3rd ISL opening ceremony," said leader of the DYF Wangala troupe, Manseng Momin.

The DYF Wangala troupe has been a most wanted act with the dancers performing in various shows across the country including the state of Haryana, Punjab, Manipur, Nagaland, Kerela amongst others. The group was also a part of the opening act of the South Asian Games held last year in the cities of Guwahati and Shillong.

"We are really fortunate to have been recognized for our dance. The various shows done by us has provieed us an opportunity to bring awareness about the Garo culture and traditions and also bring more interest in the Wangala dance form," added Momin.

"We hope our little success contributes to more people from Garo Hills learning the dance form and carrying on the culture of our forefathers," Momin added.

(TNT News)