Meghalaya: WAKO Asia Champ Pynnehbor Mylliemngap bags gold at WAKO India Championship


SHILLONG, January 21, 2018: WAKO Asia Champ Pynnehbor Mylliemngap does Meghalaya proud once again as the athlete from Smit bags gold at the WAKO India National Kickboxing Federation Cup which concluded yesterday in New Delhi.

The young martial arts athlete competed in musical form –hard style where his routine bagged him the top spot.

Despite overwhelming financial difficulties and being raised by a single mother, Pynnehbor has shown his resilience by sticking to the sport he loves. He chose musical form as his passion includes not just martial arts but dance (b-boying), and it is here he showcases his ability.

(TNT-The Northeast Today news)

Featured image(courtesy): Tribe Diaries