Meghalaya | Tyllilang Basketball Academy opens new training centre in Shillong


By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, May 12, 2018: 

The Tyllilang Basketball Academy on Saturday, inaugurated a new basketball training centre at Glakyn Academy, Pohkseh here in the city. The centre is said to be the Academy's second centre in Shillong.

The opening ceremony was attended by president of the School Managing Committee, Dr. R J Nongrum, principal of Glakyn Academy P J Nongrum, Pastor Arangki Nongkynrih and several school students from Pohkseh and beyond.

Speaking at the event, Secretary of Tyllilang Basketball Academy, Ethan Ryntathiang familiarised everyone present with a brief history of the academy, stating that the academy was formed in 2017 and aims to imbibe in young kids the values of sportsmanship – the spirit of team-work, respect and competition.

He also underlined Tyllilang's hopes to reach out to the young people of the Khasi community. By establishing another centre, the academy hopes to serve as a platform of expression as well as for the showcase and development of skills. He added that Tyllilang hopes to expose young players to bigger, more prominent competitions outside the state.

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Academy president Dulon Kharsati, however, was not present at the ceremony as he is currently at a basketball try-outs for the FIBA 3v3 in New Delhi with young players from the academy..

"If anybody is interested in joining the Academy, you may approach the centre heads who will tell you all about the Academy and its sessions", he concluded.

Following the speeches, the organisers kept the event going with an intense game of basketball between the Academy players and the Glakyn school players which ended at 26-15.

The event also had a skills' challenge which witnessed massive participation from young and old alike. The challenge had four sections: shooting, lay-up, footwork and dribbling. Participants were graded on individual scoresheets and winners took home certificates from the academy.