MEGHALAYA | St Anthony’s win Senior Boys’ title, lose in Junior Boys’ final of RFYS finals


Shillong, November 3, 2017: St Anthony's Higher Secondary School enjoyed mixed fortunes in the Reliance Foundation Youth Sports football tournament here on Thursday, winning the Senior Boys' title but coming undone in the Junior Boys' final.

The St Anthony's senior boys  got the better of Shillong College Higher Secondary School 6-3 in a penalty shootout while their younger counterparts suffered a 0-2 defeat in the hands of OM Roy Memorial Higher Secondary School.

In the Junior Girls' final, Umthli Secondary School showed their supremacy, whipping Christian Union College Higher Secondary School 21-0; in the College Boys' category, St Anthony's College bt Shillong College 5-4, along in the shootout.

In the Senior Boys' final, Dawanchwa Challam put St Anothony's in the lead in the second minute itself. He scored one more in the 49th to give his side a comfortable 2-0 lead. 

Shillong College, however, found the spirit and energy to fight back as the match headed towards close. Freestar Kharbangar was the hero for them, scoring in the 70th and the 82nd minutes to enforce the3 tie-breaker.

St Anthony's converted from the spot four times while Shillong College managed to score only one to end up on the losing side.

The College Boys' clash also went on similar lines. Hauni Dkhar put St Anthony's  in the lead, finding the back of the net in the 57th minute. Hardy Nongbri got the equaliser for Shillong College in the 83rd minute.

In the ensuing shootout, St Anthony's converted four times while Shillong College got lucky only thrice.

The Junior Boys' finals was a straightforward contest, with Knerktilang Buam putting OM Roy Memorial HSS in the lead in the third minute. Knerktilang Buam scored once more in the 60th minute for a shot at the nationals. 

Nisilia Majaw was once again the star for Umthli, as she fired in 10 goals. She scored in the 1st, 5th, 12th, 14th,  25th, 27th, 28th, 36th, 47th and 52nd minutes.

Aitihun Majaw smashed in four goals (24th, 35th, 45th, and 54th) while Marbarin Nongrum helped herself to three (3rd, 16th and 49). Betsheba Kharsyntiew too found the back of the net twice (43rd, 57th). 

As if all that was not enough Caroline Nongbri (31st) and Fenisha Syiemlieh (51st) added to their own woes, scoring a couple of self goals.


Junior Boys: OM Roy Memorial Higher Secondary School bt St Anthony's Higher Secondary School 2-0

School Girls: Umthli Secondary School bt Christian Union College Higher Secondary School 21-0

Senior Boys: St Anthony's Higher Secondary School bt Shillong College Higher Secondary Section 6-3

College Boys: St Anthony's College bt Shillong College 5-4

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