Meghalaya: Sohra-Cherrapunjee Marathon prettiest in the country


SHILLONG: The marathon which is considered the prettiest in India happens right here in Meghalaya. The Sohra Cherrapunjee marathon which is a yearly event will take place on July 17 and good news for the state as the United States Track and Field Association (USTFA) has now certified the marathon. This means that the marathon will now be a qualifier platform for all major marathons around the world which would include the Boston Qualifier Course.

The marathon will begin at Banium after 7th Mile and end at Sohra Khlieh Shnong. The route is very scenic and idyllic and the backdrop extremely beautiful. The Sohra Marathon is only the third marathon in the country to be certified by the USTFA.

(TNT news with input from internet)

image: internet