Meghalaya: Kick-boxer selected to take part at WAKO World Senior Kickboxing Championship in Hungary


Shillong August 18,2017: A kickboxer from the state of Meghalaya has been selected to represent the counrty in the WAKO World Senior Kickboxing Championship 2017 in Budapest,Hungary from November 2 to 12,2017.

Hame Shaniah Suiam hails from Shangpung,Jaintia Hills Meghalaya and has been selected by WAKO India Kickboxing Federation to take part in this prestigious international tournament.

Suiam had already taken part in various international tournaments in the previous years- WAKO World Cadets & Junior Kickboxing Championship at Rimini,Italiy in 2014 and in 2015 he took part in the WAKO World Senior Kickboxing Championship at Ireland Dublin.

The Meghalaya Kickboxing Association(MSKA) has congratulated Suiam for his selection in Budapest.

Suiam had recently obtained a diploma certificate as international referee\judge at the WAKO International Kickboxing Referee Seminar at Lonavala,Maharashtra.

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Image: Wyrta News