Meghalaya: Even ‘Blindness’ can’t stop young blind football players from putting up an exciting game


SHILLONG: Blindness might obstruct their sight but it didn't deter the young visually impaired boys from putting up a skillful and exciting football match at J.N Stadium, Polo-Shillong on Thursday.

The match organized by the Kerala Blind Football Federation in collaboration Bethany Society on Thursday afternoon witnessed a high spirited match between the visually impaired boys representing Kerala Blind Football team and Bethany Society team.

The blind football match was also supported by the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Shillong Sports Association and the state Sports & Youth Affairs department.

Interesting as it seems, this  match is not an 11 men's game but a 5 men's game and after every interval, the players needs to make a noise or shout out the code word given to them so as to make the other player known that he is near and to avoid collision.

Staffs were deployed at every corner of the football ground to assist the players. What makes the game less challenging for the visually impaired players is the 'Ball', which is fitted with some kind of a minute musical instrument, providing the players with the needed sense to know where the ball is.

The match was also witnessed by the Chief Electoral Officer FR Kharkongor, Padmashree awardee Bertha. G. Dkhar and members of the SSA.

The Kerala Blind Football Federation, is hosting blind football camp around the country. They begin their Northeast camp in Tura the Guwahati (September 14), Shillong (September 15 and 16) and will conclude in Imphal (September 17 and 18).

In these matches, local sides are playing against the Kerala Blind Football team and participants will receive kits and trainers.

 (TNT News)