Meghalaya Archer Matsiewdor War to officiate as judge at the upcoming 2016 Paralympic Games


SHILLONG: Meghalaya renowned archer, Matsiewdor War Nongbri has been appointed by the World Archery Judge Committee to officiate as judge at the2016 Paralympic Games, to be held at Rio-de-Janiero, Brazil from September 10 till 17.

Nongbri has also been selected as the Chairperson of the Judges Commission in the 2016 Paralympic Games.

This will be the second time for Nongbri to represent the country as an international judge after London Olympic in 2012.

Matsiewdor along with other judges at the London Olympics 2012

Nongbri, is also the Director of Arts and Culture, government of Meghalaya and the vice president of the Meghalaya State Olympic Association and leader of the Archery Association of Meghalaya (AAM).

Besides Nongbri, other judges who have been selected from different parts of the world included Vladimir Dominguez from Cuba, Nobutomo Takeuchi from Japan, Adam Martinez from Portugal, Ringa Baltrusaite from Lithunia, Klaus Lykkebaek from Denmark, Pecilius Tan from Singapore, David Martin from South Africa, Patti-Jo Middlebrough from Canada, Ranjan Bhowmik from India, Guillermina Garcia Avila from Mexico, Maren Haase from Germany and Irena Rosa from Slovakia.

It was informed that the travelling and lodging expenses will be incurred by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

It is indeed a proud moment for the state of Meghalaya and the country as a whole to have personalities like her who has contributed a lot towards shaping the sports scenario in the state and securing Meghalaya in the archery map of the world.

(TNT News)

Images: Contributed by Matsiewdor War