ISL: NEUFC dominate as they beat favourites FC Goa


NEUFC hosted FC Goa in a thrilling match which saw both sides play attacking football. The host team were at it from the start of the whistle. They looked much better than the opening match a few days ago and NEUFC kept winning the ball in midfield. A mistake by the Goa goalie saw the hosts up the visitors with a goal in the first half by Emiliano Alfaro in the 20th minute. Katsumi Yusa was once again a delight to watch and looked like he was given a free hand around the field. 

There were moments of brilliance from the Goan side also with Mandar Rao Desai looking like a threat throughout the match.
The second half saw Goa attack alot more but Northeast also created chances for themselves. Subrata Paul made a brilliant save for NEUFC in the 53rd minute. Goa played brilliant attacking football in the second half and Subrata Paul's heroics helped the hosts hold on to their lead. Goa pressed hard which left holes in their defence. NEUFC then scored their second again by Alfaro in the 62nd minute.

Emotions ran high as Goa tried to find the back of the net and the match got quite physical with untimely challenges. NEUFC almost scored in the 80th minute as Nico Velez tried to set up a Alfaro for a hattrick which was defended brilliantly by Goa. NEUFC held strong in defence throughout the rest of the game and shut down any chances the visitors had. The hosts maintain their clean sheet and overall this season's team looks a much more well balanced one than previous seasons.

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Image- NEUFC Facebook page