BREAKING: Conor McGregor Reveals Possible Fight After Christmas Holiday


After defeating Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, Conor McGregor finally revealed his 'big announcement.'

Also announcing his partner Dee Devlin was pregnant, McGregor said he wanted to be there for his long term girlfriend. This would mean a hiatus from fighting, after what can only be described as a hectic 2016.

Ending 2015 with a bang, McGregor smashed Jose Aldo in 13 seconds. After going 1-1 with Nate Diaz, 'The Notorious' took out Alvarez for a record-breaking second title. He was forced to vacate the 145-pound strap after not defending it since winning against Aldo.

Continuing the saga, McGregor said he would consider leaving the UFC if they didn't offer him 'equal shares' ownership. Then UFC president Dana White said McGregor would be 'out for 10 months' to take care of his personal business.

Well, McGregor blew that statement out of the water last night, as he revealed a potential fight after the Christmas break:

"As far as I break, I don't know," he said. "I know Dana [White] has been on record, he's saying '10 months, he's taking 10 months', I don't know.

"Originally I thought the baby was being born in March and then it was May so maybe I could get in another [fight]. I just don't know. I'm weighing up my options."

During his speech for RTE's Sportsperson of the Year, Conor McGregor thanked everyone for his award. He also broke some crazy left field news to those in attendance.

"I've got the boxing licence. His last pay-per-view was 350,000 buys. The fight was a flop, it was a dud. His last two fights have been duds.

"Of course the Floyd fight is the fight the public want to see, but we'll see. These things take time."

(Source: Scrapdigest/ Article by Salvador Sanchez)

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