Meghalaya: Here's why Garo Hills continues to face water shortage



Despite receiving plenty of rainfall, the Garo Hills region of Meghalaya continues to face a shortage of water, West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner Ram Singh said on Monday.

This can be attributed to certain agricultural practices and lifestyle like jhum cultivation and the introduction of commercial plantation by replacing water retention trees, he said.

Singh was addressing a gathering on the occasion of World Water Day being observed with the Theme “Valuing Water” at DC Park, Tura in West Garo Hills.


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"This is the apt time to observe World Water Day since it is necessary to sensitise the people on the importance of water and water issues in the region," the DC said.

He observed that the Garo Hills region should not face a water crisis if trees and water catchment areas are maintained properly, but due to certain agricultural practices and lifestyle, the entire region is facing a huge shortage of water.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the rivers, streams and reservoir depend mainly on rainwater and, as such, there is a need to protect and preserve the trees and water catchment areas in the area to provide a continuous supply of water in the region.

Singh has urged the residents, especially the school students, to plant trees in the region to increase the forest cover and maintain ecological balance.

(Edited by Iban Mawrie)