Tripura: COVID-19 Quarantine unit opened at IGM hospital


AGARTALA | March 13:

To fight the deadly Corona virus spread, the first ever COVID 19 quarantine unit is opened at IGM hospital in Agartala of Tripura.

The unit can accommodate 20 people at one time and separate medical unit is also constituted for attending the patients suspected with the deadly virus.

As the corona virus crisis continues to unfold, World Health Organisation (WHO) has used the term 'pandemic' for the first time.

Talking to media, MS Amitabha Datta stated that there is a Corona virus detection centre in AGMC hospital and a treatment facility is also available in AGMC and TMC hospital and now the first ever quarantine unit is opened at IGM hospital.

Identifying and isolating the people with possible symptoms of COVID-19 as soon as possible is needed to minimize transmission of this virus and for the isolation, the first ever COVID 19 quarantine unit is now open at IGM hospital of Agartala, MS added.

However, there is no case of COVID 19 reported in Tripura.