Northeast India’s bizarre foods that can actually heal you!


Some of us have seen all kinds of bizarre food eaten by many but do we know that some of these food are used to treat numerous diseases. Many would not even dare to think of touching them, just the thought of eating earthworms or cockroaches might make some of you puke but hey! there is no loss in knowing as they might be beneficial for your health so let's check them out.


Where: Tribes in Manipur, Nagaland

By taking 3-4 pieces of these slimy crawlers can actually treat fever. It also treats fresh burnt wounds. Not just that, their juice is believed to be a strong antidote for a snake bite or spider bite.


Where: Tribes in Manipur, Nagaland

This may sound unappetising, but snake meat is actually tasty and also have medicinal values, such as promoting eyesight, fighting leprosy, burnt marks, and wounds. That is why the fats of Pythons are collected and sold at sky-high prices.


Where: Tribes in Nagaland

While it is the 'miracle bug' in China as the Telegraph UK cited, this jittering bug is also gobbled down raw as a remedy to subdue asthma and tuberculosis by some tribes in Nagaland.


Where: Sikkim, Tribes in Manipur, Nagaland

A delicacy in some parts of the Northeast. Frog meat tastes like that of a fish. However, Frog meat is believed to be good for relieving stomach aches, ulcers, while frog soup helps in better blood circulation. Frog soups are also fed to puerperium women to revive their physical stamina. As a medicinal food, it is comparatively expensive.


Where: Tribes in Manipur, Nagaland

Don't get sick, we are talking about the jungle mouse. Hard to capture and expensive to buy, these rodents are highly valuable in the world of medicines. From providing a quick relief to high temperature malady like malaria, having a jungle mouse regularly as a side dish is good for your health, or so is believed among these tribes.

Monkey Meat:

Where: Tribes in Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram

Costly and highly medicinal, tribals in the North-Eastern part of India consume monkey meat to treat fever, cold, body-ache, and insomnia. They are also believed to treat stomach disorder.

Asian Swamp-eels:

(Where: Tribes in Manipur, Nagaland).

Drinking the fresh blood of these scaleless swamp eel is believed to be a powerful cure for TB. An effective cure for severe cough and vomiting of blood in TB patients.


Where: Tribes in Manipur, Nagaland and other North-east regions)

Whether fried or chopped into stews, these birds of the night can do wonders in treating Enuresis (bed-wetting) for young kids. It is also believed to cure impotency in men. Bat meat is also gobbled in the Nagaland region as a remedy for curing night blindness. Not just that, it is also believed to be of medicinal use for Stroke patients.


(Where: Tribes in Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram)

No wonder we see Bear Grylls eating these alive they are not only god in protein but also treats gastric issues, indigestion, or an upset stomach.

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DISCLAIMER: The above article is not intended to encourage cruelty against animals. It is only meant for informative purposes