Nagaland: Hepatitis C virus epedemic expanding rapidly in state


KOHIMA: As per the details of a recent workshop conducted to spread awareness on 'Hepatitis B and C virus', it was brought to light that alarming rate of HCV infection recorded in some studies conducted in Nagaland mentioned that the rate was as high as 30% among Injecting Drug Users.

Also sharing the Integrated Bio-Behavioral Assessment (IBBA) study among Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) in 2006 and 2009 according to which the prevalence of HCV among IDUs in Phek stood at 5.4% (2006) to 8.7% (2009) and 16.7%(2006) to 20.8 %(2006) in Wokha, respectively.

Regarding treatment of HCV, it was mentioned that the era of Pegylated Interferon is phasing out with the coming in of new Directly Acting Antivirals (DAAs) like Sofosbuvir in combination with Ledipasvir or Daclatasvir. These combination therapies have shown cure rates ranging from 86% to 100% depending on the HCV genotypes and far greater chance of attaining Sustained Virological Response (SVR) compared to the Pegylated Interferon based therapy.

(TNT Desk with inputs from sources)
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