Nagaland: Chemistry prof, students produce own hand sanitizers to meet demand


KOHIMA | March 17:

At the present scenario due to the Corona virus outbreak, there is scarcity of hand sanitizers and masks in the state of Nagaland. The Kohima Science college have come up with an positive and wonderful initiative by producing their own hand sanitizer in their chemistry lab.

Dr.Tiakaba Jamir, a Chemistry Professor along with his 3 project students started the initiative on 13th March at their chemistry Laboratory. After the Nagaland government issued an order making the use of hand sanitizer compulsory specially in places where biometrics are functioned and Science college being one, Dr. Jamir started producing hand sanitizer which can be used by the teachers and students in the campus. The first time they produced they distributed in its neighborhood.


Dr.Lily Sema Principal, said " the initiative of the college went viral on the social media and since then we have received many demands. The Naga Hospital Kohima has also asked us to supply them."

She explained that the sanitizers are not for sale and rather it's a free will, a contribution to the community from the college. She said,"till the time we have the raw materials we will keep producing the sanitizers".

Dr.Tiakaba Jamir, said that the alcohol content in the sanitizer is of higher content than in the sanitizers found in the market.

The teachers and Student's have started mass production from today and the first batch was distributed today.