Mizoram: State sounds swine flu alert


AIZAWL, April 10, 2018: The Mizoram government has sounded a swine fever and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) alert on Monday.

An official release stated that swine fever and PRRS is most common in the state during March to May and appealed to pig and cattle-rearers to be alert. All pig-rearers were asked to immediately report to the local/village council authority and veterinary centre in case of any death due to suspected swine fever and also appealed to them not to sell any ailing animal.

The government appealed to all rearers to maintain the sties and keep the surroundings clean to avoid any outbreak of swine fever. They were advised to import animals only from "safe areas." Breeders were asked to bury dead animals. Nearly 200 pigs died of classical swine flu in Champhai in June-July last year.

Source: The Telegraph

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime