Mizoram: NIT Mizoram accused of mismanagement of hostel facilities leading to student’s death


AIZAWL, 2 April, 2018: A student of the National Information of Technology (NIT), Mizoram, Devsharan Kumar, who was in the first year of pursuing a Bachelor's degree in technology (B.Tech) was reported to have died on the evening of March 31 at Guwahati. He allegedly died due to the bad quality of food and water that was provided in the  institution's hostel.

Students claim that they had previously informed college authorities about the absence of any proper food facility in the hostel premises six months ago. They alleged that despite their complaints, the authorities took no such measures to change the status quo.

The students further added that Kumar had requested the hostel warden, Ajmal Koya, for medical leave as he did not feel well enough to attend his mid-semester examinations but the warden allegedly neither analysed his condition nor gave him permission to return home.

Kumar initially complained of a throat infection but when his symptoms got worse, the victim was eventually allowed to leave but was immediately admitted to a hospital in Guwahati on his way home. While doctors were unsure as to what caused the symptoms, they admitted  him to the ICU unit where he was said to have had a heart infection.

Outraged students and friends took to social media to address the matter, accusing NIT Mizoram and its administration for mismanagement, ignorance and carelessness, stating that such a prestigious government-funded  institution that charges around two lakhs per student out of which 36,ooo is kept aside for food, should have enough funds for adequate amenities for its students and not turn a blind eye to any problems of the kind.