Marijuana (weed or Ganja) emerging as a medical boon!


We are very well aware of the term marijuana commonly known as weed, herb, pot, ganja etc . We have always known marijuana to be a drug consumed by people for recreational purposes, getting intoxicated and a drug which is not considered to be healthy for a person and the society as well. 

But in recent studies , researchers have come up with the benefits of this herb mainly emphasizing on its medical values. It has been observed that the herb if used and consumed in an appropriate   way can have positive impact on human body.  The presence of the two chemicals –  cannabinoid and tetrahydrocannabinol  are observed to have positive influence on human brain. Cannabinoids are said to be useful in reducing pain , inflammation, controlling epileptic seizures, and even treating mental illness and addictions. The other chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol apart from relieving pain and inflammation, it also increases appetite and controls nausea and muscle problems. The good thing about these chemicals are that they do not affect the mind or the behaviour of a person. According to the research done by One Cell Culture Study, it has been discovered that the extract of marijuana when purified and used can slow down the growth of cancer cells  as well as tumour cells, such as that of brain tumour.

Scientists are still working on marijuana and evaluating its medicinal benefits which can be used to prevent and cure many serious ailments.  They are trying to make the use of marijuana legal for medical purposes only.

However, we must not ignore the fact that marijuana has a number of negative effects as it is being misused by people which is adversely  hampering their health. It not only causes great threat to a person's health but leads to sever chaos and disturbance in the society. It has to be kept in mind that we must keep ourselves away from the influence of weed and carry on our good work of campaigning against its illegal trade ,consumption and addition.

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