Kohima DC warns pharmacies, shops against selling surgical masks at high rates


KOHIMA | March 9:

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, fear of being contracted with the disease is becoming more and more visible as people are seen taking extra care of their surroundings like wearing surgical masks, maintaining certain level of cleanliness (homes), usage of sanitizers and the likes.

However, with this, greed follows as complains were received of many pharmacies and shops taking advantage of the situation and selling these health care products at exorbitant prices.

In line with this, the Deputy Commissioner of Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie has directed all pharmacies and shops within Kohima district to abstain selling of surgical masks and hand sanitizers at exorbitant rates.


The DC said any complaint or report received in the office of Deputy Commissioner Kohima would be taken seriously and booked under relevant sections of law.

The notice has been issued in the interest of the general public, keeping in mind the panic buying tendency due to the epidemic of COVID-19 cases in many of the States.


The DC has informed public to register any such complaint to the Chief Inspector, Kohima Municipal Council in the number 9436001900.