In a first, M6 cyberknife may prove to be a boon for Northeast Indian tumour patients!


Guwahati, August 27, 2017: With the advent of non-invasive radiosurgery technology, M6 cyberknife, 30 minutes operational time and same day recovery may prove to be a boon for the localities in the Northeast Indian region.

In order to create awareness among the public and the doctors, CME was organised by Artemis Hospital in coordination with the Neuro club of Guwahati at Taj Vivanta on August 26. Media briefing was done by the Director of neurosurgery department, Agrim institute of Neurosciences, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon to lay emphasis on the importance and advantages of the technology

To create awareness among the people of the seven sister states about the latest and the best technology for treatment, the initiative was taken by the Hospital along with the Neuro club of Guwahati. The CME was headed by Dr Aditya Gupta, who is an expert in treating patients using this latest technology and the technological details were explained to fellow local doctors during the media briefing. With the unveiling of latest M6 CyberKnife system, Artemis Hospitals has reaffirmed its position as a flagbearer of the healthcare industry in India.

"M6 Cyberknife Radiosurgery is precise, painless and a non-invasive radiation treatment. It is extremely efficient for the treatment of inoperable cancerous and non-cancerous tumours, requires no anaesthesia & incision and has no reported risks or side effects. Being the first in the region, M6 Cyberknife will be a boon for people seeking treatment from all the adjoining states of Guwahati. The prevalence of fatalities in Guwahati has highly increased upto 38% since 2012 to date due to lack of proper intervention and awareness." says Dr Aditya Gupta, Director, Neurosurgery, Agrim institute of Neurosciences at Artemis Hospital.

Assam contributes to around 80% of the total patients suffering with some kind of tumors, with Meghalaya and Manipur next to them. Lack of hospitals in the vicinity or advanced treatment in the North east region has always been a curse to its people in seeking treatment.

"With a vision to provide best of the facilities to the patients around the world, the hospital takes pride in raising the bar of medicine and introducing technology for accurate and better treatment options. With the launch of M6 Cyberknife in the north east region, it is affirmed that people will be benefitted the most and this endeavour is to bring most progressive and responsive care, closer to the patient." added Dr Gupta.

As per the study by IMRC, with increasing rates of cancer in the region of Northeast, lack of timely diagnosis and efficient treatment techniques have led to many losses of lives. With the advent of M6 Cyberknife, not only the improvements will occur in treatment but the ease and approachability will improve. The non invasive and advanced technological robotic system eases off the conventional method and the high frequency radio waves only take upto 30 minutes to treat, in which time is saved for patients as well.

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