How much do you know about Gastro-Intestinal Cancer? – India’s new silent killer!


February 7, 2018: Gastro intestinal cancer happens when the Gastro- Intestinal system gets infected by the Helicobacter Pylori virus. It is classified into 5 primary types of cancer, namely Gastric Cancer, Colo Rectal Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Pancreatic Cancer, each of which should be detected and treated on time, CMRI Dr Sanjay De Bakshi said.

Owing to unhealthy diet and lifestyle, there is a rise in gastro intestinal cancer across India, especially in Eastern India. Consumption of excessive alcohol, red meat, junk food and other additional factors like smoking, stress and obesity often lead to gastro-intestinal cancer, Dr Bakshi said.

According to Dr. Bakshi, gastro-intestinal cancer is the new silent killer in India.

"We are increasingly seeing diseases that were relatively uncommon in the past. Gastro intestinal Cancer is one such spectrum…" he stated.

It is the 5th most occurring cancer in males and the 7th in females. So, the seemingly harmless belly ache that happens every now and then and disappears with an anti-acidity pill might not be that simple at all, if it relapses regularly, Dr Bakshi further added.

The sooner the patient consults a doctor, the earlier the disease can be investigated via gastroscopy. Early screening can easily diagnose the problem along with correct line of treatment like medication, surgery radiotherapy and chemotherapy, he said.

CMRI Senior Consultant said gastro intestinal cancer treatment landscape in India has improved drastically in the last decade with immense advancement in diagnostic tools, comprehensive expertise, backed by evidence-based research and patient outcome.

Feature image courtesy: Cancer Therapy Advisor