Doctors, health workers administered COVID-19 vaccination at Nongpoh Civil Hospital



A group of doctors and health workers took part in the vaccination drive at Nongpoh Civil Hospital in Ri Bhoi district on Friday to instil faith and confidence to all health workers, front liners and the public.

While addressing reporters, District Medical & Health Officer (DMHO) Dr Mawrie said that the participation of the doctors and health workers was to send a simple message to the public that the vaccine is safe and to not doubt its effectiveness.

“Taking the vaccination can help public fight against the virus though it may not be of 100 per cent accurate, it is sure that any citizen who had been vaccinated cannot get any severe infection and can fight against this virus,” Mawrie said.

The DMHO informed that around 134 health workers and doctors had been vaccinated till date, and they would complete the target to vaccinate up to 500 health workers within the next few weeks.

The vaccination drive is going on at Umsning CHC and Nongpoh Civil Hospital and will move on to other CHC’s and PHC’s including Bethany Outreach Hospital.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)

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