BLOGS | Are You Sleeping on a Wrong Mattress & Ruining Your Health?


Are You Sleeping on a Wrong Mattress & Ruining Your Health?

Are you having a disturbed sleep? Do you wake up a number of times at night? You could be getting your full quota of 8 hours daily sleep yet you wake up exhausted. All these symptoms indicate that you could be sleeping on the wrong mattress and your mattress is the culprit in triggering several issues that are surely ruining your health.

You must look for a good mattress because you need a good night's sleep for more energy to sustain you through everyday activities. You must give importance to sleep. Inadequate sleep could be boosting your cortisol or the stress hormone levels, weakening your immune system, and shortening your lifespan. You should never mess around with sleep. Here are a few ways your bad mattress and lack of sleep could be ruining your health and overall well-being.

Your Mattress Could Result in Your Obesity

You must know that sleep deprivation could be promoting overeating and binge-eating. Your faulty eating habits and weight gain issues are triggered by lack of sleep because of a bad mattress. A poor mattress could be keeping you awake all night that is the worst time for snacking.

Uncomfortable Mattress Reason for Weak Immune System

When you sleep on a wrong mattress or an old mattress you do not get adequate sleep and the quality of sleep is also very poor. As such it would be weakening your immune system. When your immune system is weak it becomes susceptible to colds and other serious illnesses. Browse addable mattress review, for buying the right kind of mattress.

Your Heart Would Be Suffering

Lack of proper sleep could be putting a toll on the heart. As per results of a study that was conducted by a 'European Heart Journal' it was demonstrated that patients suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep actually have 48 percent more likelihood of developing a heart issue as compared to people who enjoy a sound sleep every night.

Bad Mattress Causes Memory impairment

If you are suffering from poor memory, it is because you are getting poor sleep because of a bad mattress. It is believed that during the REM or deep sleep, memories are known to be forming. If you are just not able to get to the REM stage, your memory would fail as your brain is not able to form any memories leading to memory impairment.

Your Mattress Would Be Ruining Your Beauty

Sleep promotes good health and enhances beauty but poor sleep would result in puffy eyes, lack-luster skin, and lack of radiance. So if you are not getting good sleep, opt for a nice and new mattress that would help to put you to sleep on time and for 8 hours every night. This could be dramatically changing your looks and your life.

Conclusion: Your Old Mattress Could Boost Stress Level

Stress is triggered due to several causes from health issues to job problems. However, recent studies also reveal that a poor quality mattress could result in an increase in your stress levels. So do not let your old mattress ruin your health. Consider investing in a good mattress.


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