Assam: Army shows environmental friendly way to fight mosquitoes


GUWAHATI: The Army in Assam's Tezpur district observed World Environment Day on Sunday in a entirely different and an eventful manner.

Army's Gajraj Corps in Tezpur, Assam launched the 'Go Green' initiative by releasing a large number of fish that eats mosquito larvae (scientifically known as Gambasia affinis) in many water bodies within the military camp area.

This has been a very welcome initiative by the army as instead of mixing harmful chemicals and the likes in the water bodies that tends to disturb the Ph balance of the water, they have initiated a very environmental friendly method to eradicate the menace of malaria causing mosquitoes.

Tha army also planted 3000 saplings in the Tezpur Military Station and 1000 army personnel, women and children also took part in a Walkathon to Lama Camp from the Missamari Military Station as part of the celebrations in order to create awareness among the local people on the importance of protecting the environment.

Lt Gen. D Anbu and GAJRAJ Family Welfare Organisation (FWO) chairperson Gowri Anbu flagged off "GREENATHON" for healthy lifestyle, in which all the troops and their families participated.The 134 Ecological Battalion (Territorial Army) along with other army personnel already had planted over 40,000 saplings at Missamari in the past 40 days.

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