5 health benefits of Assam Tea


"Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one." -Ancient Chinese proverb

True isn't it? Who could live a day without tea? Tea drinking was believe to be originated in China way back in 3rd century AD and is used as a medicinal drink among the Chinese.

The credit for the discovery of Assam tea plant goes to Robert Bruce. While we take pride in its taste and being the finest in the world, Assam tea has many health benefits too.

Here are 5 reasons why tea is good for your health.


While there is no cure for cancer, the antioxidants in tea kill cancer without damaging the surrounding cells. So if you doubt that it would not give you any benefits, a cup of tea would keep you hydrated and fight against cancer.


It also proves that tea helps to reduce fats from our body, black tea blocks fat absorption into the cells and is an effective weight loss aid. Green and Oolong teas also boost our metabolism and naturally increase our energy levels.


Yes this is true, a study in Europe showed that having a cup of tea each day could reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%. Tea prevents the risk of many heart disease, it reduces the risk of high blood pressure, prevents blood clots and keeps blood vessels relaxed.


Tea makes us alert and active, it is one drink that wakes us up in the morning or keep us awake all night. Moreover it stimulates brain function without causing stress to the heart.


Having tea after a heavy meal is believe to help digestion, having ginger tea also relieve stomach cramps among women.

So every time you drink tea you are likely to have Assam tea and why not? Assam is the world's largest tea growing region producing more than 400 million kgs of tea annually and the second biggest commercial tea production region after southern China. Moreover it is highly popular among the European countries.

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