Exercise can treat bone health issues caused by weight loss surgery, say researchers at Porto University


NEW DELHI: Researchers at the University of Porto, Portugal, recently found out that weight loss surgery can have serious effects on bone health.

The research was published by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

They found out that exercise can cure these detrimental effects on bones.

The research was conducted on randomly selected 84 patients who underwent weight-loss surgery. They were sent to an exercise group or a control group for 11 months, as per ANI reports.

In this period of observation, they were made to undergo impactful, practical exercises three times per week.

Later, after the trial period of 12 months, the patients were found to have higher bone mineral density measurements at the lumbar spine and the forearm, in comparison to the control group.

"These findings showed that a structured exercise program may be a valid treatment option to minimise weight loss surgery-induced bone loss, which may be particularly important since many patients undergo surgery in early adulthood or even at pediatric ages," said the lead author, Florence Diniz-Sousa of the University of Porto, Portugal.

"As stated in the recently released World Health Organisation physical activity guidelines, regular exercise should be a priority for everyone, including patients who have undergone weight loss surgery."

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)