Meghalaya: Big boost to aquaculture in West Garo Hills


TURA: To encourage more fish sanctuaries in the region, the Mandal Wari Fish Sanctuary along the Ganol River at Ganol A’pal near Tura was inaugurated on December 7 by Thomas A Sangma, Adviser to the Chief Minister, Government of Meghalaya.

Thomas A Sangma lauded the efforts of the concerned department for making this stretch of the Ganol river as Fish Sanctuary, which aims to protect and preserve various kinds of locally available fish in the region.

“Preserving fishes in running water is unique which people in other places are also trying their best, but not flourishing as expected and therefore, people come to see this fish sanctuary adding that it should be made popular in order to attract and promote eco-tourism in the area and generate revenue as well,” Sangma said.

Further, he informed that there are about six varieties of Masheer which is prevalent in our region but could not thrive well because of overfishing for consumption.

West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner, Ram Singh said that there are about 159 species of fish spread on the water bodies in Meghalaya which, if not preserved will become extinct in future and therefore, the Government have encouraged people to conserve more fish sanctuaries in the region.

Block Development Officer, Rongram, C & RD Block, Shelley Momin, Assistant Director, Tourism, Bulbully S Marak were among others present at the function.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)