Kaziranga National Park now has 30.53 sq km additional area


GUWAHATI | SEPT 03, 2020: 

An additional area of 30.53 square kilometres has been added to the Kaziranga National Park in Assam to consolidate wildlife conservation and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

The Assam government approved the 7th, 8th and 9th additions to the park and preliminary notifications in this regard have been published, a forest department official said on Thursday.

The 7th addition (Deosur, Palkhowa, Deosur Hill proposed reserve forest in Nagaon district) covers an area of 1.76 sq km; the 8th addition (Banderdubi in Nagaon district) covers 3.07 sq km while the 9th addition (Mokua chapori in Sonitpur district) covers 25.70 sq km.

"The additions include encroachment-evicted areas and suitable wildlife habitat in riverine islands (chaporis) which were also vulnerable to encroachment. It is a historic day for the park and a move to consolidate the wildlife areas anticipating better wildlife conservation and reduction in human-wildlife negative interactions in future," the official said.

"The total area of Kaziranga will now be 915.53 sq km," he said.

Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve director, P. Shivkumar also thanked all stakeholders, NGOs, fringe villagers for the development and their support to wildlife conservation.