Tripura: Students hit the streets after MBB University declares 95% students failed


AGARTALA, April 4, 2018: The newly constituted Maharaja Bir Bikram State University had declared the 1st semester results of its affiliated colleges long awaited by the students. The result declared 95% above students to be failed in the semester.

 As soon as the result was declared, students from different colleges hit the streets of the state capital in demand of giving permission to review their exam papers which is allowed in all parts of the country but is not allowed under MBB State University. Moreover there are clear misconduct which can be easily figured out in the declared results as many of the students were given only 1 mark out of 80 marks in the semester examination whereas they has scored good marks in the previously held internal examinations.
"We want justice, we want the University to stop playing with the future of the students and allow us to review our examination papers which is our right. The University is not allowing us to do so because they know very well that it will bring out their negligence which they have been doing for years. We also want to the semester pattern to be changed." told a student of MBB University.
TNT-The Northeast Today News