Security Forces help 16 Manipuri youths build a brighter future


TNT News | Imphal, May 15, 2018: 

Fate seldom bequests opportunities which hold the propensity to change one's life from a certainty in despair to one of aspirational hope. Well, something similar did happen for Kumar Sanjay Singh from the small hamlet of Moirang Okshonghung Leikai in Bishenpur District of Manipur.

Son of K. Tomba Singh, a self-employed mechanic struggling to make both ends meet, Sanjay could not have otherwise hoped to become an engineer graduating from a renowned institution without divine intervention. But fate played along and today the nineteen year old strapping lad hopes for a brighter future. 

Thanks, largely to his hard work and determination but also to the genuine commitment of the Indian Army towards the youth of Manipur.

Sanjay today along with fifteen others from Manipur, has the distinction of having cleared the IIT/ JEE Mains Examination April this year, thanks to the steadfast support and encouragement of the Indian Army unit deployed near his home in Bishenpur! 

The success story started a year earlier when the local Army Company Commander conjured up an innovative idea to give the youth of Bishenpur hope of a better future through improved educational opportunities. His dodged determination to see his vision fructify, eventually led to a much bigger initiative by the Army encompassing not only Bishenpur but much of Manipur too.

The Army was able to convince the renowned National level educational organisation, Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL), to come to Manipur and lend wings to aspirations of the youth of the State.

According to Defence PRO (Kohima) Col C Konwer, the Army stepped in assuring all possible assistance in realising this noble endeavour. Months of hard work and numerous interactions with CSRL by the Company Commander, eventually paid off as Sanjay Singh and his fifteen compatriot hopefuls energetically prepare for the IIT/ JEE Advance Examinations scheduled later this month.

"Having realized the far-reaching benefits to society by meeting the aspirations of the youth through better opportunities in education and vocation, the Army wholeheartedly took to the idea," Col Konwer said adding that the Army organized and undertook an extensive and exhaustive screening process with assistance from experts at CSRL to select suitable candidates from all over Manipur for the coaching programme.

While academic capability was of primary concern, other factors such as social disadvantage, financial constraints of candidates were also factored in. Eventually, from a pool of 150 students from various schools of Manipur, 18 were considered for the coaching programme.

"It is indeed remarkable that of these five students are girls, equally enthusiastic to compete with the boys from their neighbourhood for an engineering college seat," said Col Konwer adding that the rigorous preparation regimen for these 18 selected students included a comprehensive coaching programme at the CSRL institute in Guwahati, arrangements for which were coordinated by the Army.