Nagaland: Global Open University signs MoU with Seychelles Tourism Academy


Kohima, December 1, 2017: On November 29, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between The Global Open University, Nagaland and Seychelles Tourism Academy represented by TGOUN chancellor T N Mannen and Ambassador of Seychelles, Philippe Le Gall to exchange academic, vocational and professional information with a view to make the best use of available resources between the institutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Gall said that though the MoU has been signed, it is but only an agreement to work together by the two institutions and the technicality of the agreement would be discussed in a later period of time when delegates from TGOUN would visit Seychelles where they would be received by Seychelles Tourism Academy and converse on the best practices of tourism, teaching, exchange of students and faculty and others. He also revealed that this is the first such agreement signed between institutions of Seychelles and India in his presence.

Gall also encouraged the university to continue its effort in the right direction and said that though Seychelles is a small country with only about 450 sq km of land area, it thinks globally and TGOUN is also thinking globally. He hopes to see people from Nagaland visit Seychelles and discover it's grandeur.

Previously, TN Mannen in his remark had said that the university has a united goal oriented faculty with best teaching qualities in a time when technology is expanding in tremendous speed and the university is striving to provide best education. He, however, expressed that there is still much to learn and the university needs to ensure that the quality of education never suffers in any case.

The other provisions of the MoU include promotion of tourism and hospitality in both the countries by visiting places of tourist importance, jointly organize seminars, workshops, etc and recognize educational programmes conducted by the two institutions on a reciprocal basis.

Feature image courtesy: Ceget

TNT News with inputs from Nagaland Page