Meghalaya’s rural schools: Is universal education possible in deplorable school conditions?


By Our Correspondent 

Tura, April 25, 2018: Despite Meghalaya being one of the most popular education hubs in the North-east, most schools in the rural areas witness a different reality altogether. In most cases, such schools lack basic amenities and infrastructure required for their proper functioning. This is the case in a school located in the town of Phulbari in West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya.

The discouraging revelation came about after a press release by the Achik Youth Council (AYC) on the deplorable state of the Shyamnagar Government LP School after a recent visit to the school.

The school, which caters to huge number of primary students from nearby localities, has a roof that has more than 100 leaks rendering education during rainy days absolutely impossible.

"How can they study in this state when basic facilities like desks, benches and a roof are all just talk? The children of Garo Hills deserve better than this and if we want to project ourselves as a state caring for its education, these kinds of things have to improve," said member of AYC, Maxbirth G Momin.

The NGO, on Tuesday, submitted a complaint to the the Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills seeking immediate repair of the said school for the benefit of the student community as well as to instill confidence in the students that the state cares for its residents.

"During the recent hailstorm on Mar 30 2018, the roof got damaged leading to more than a 100 holes in the roof. Meanwhile the state of the benches and desks are pathetic. The environment is not conducive to good education," added Maxbirth.

The AGS of AYC further asked the office of the DC to inspect the said school and address the needs of the school as early as possible.

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