Meghalaya Minister ‘unhappy’ with pol. parties meddling with universities’ affairs



In view of the recent violence which had broke out in prestigious universities like Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Millia University, Meghalaya Education Minister, Lahkmen Rymbui today said that it is time political parties are prevented from meddling with the affairs of the university or college campuses.

"There are agitations in many of the universities across the country. The violence which is taking place in the campuses is the handiwork of some people who are affiliated with some political parties," Rymbui told reporters here on Tuesday.

He also observed that it is a very sad thing that the temple of knowledge is being used by somebody rightly or wrongly on issues which are not related with the affairs and development of the students' community.

"You may agree or disagree with my observation. But it is a reality that some people who are affiliated with political parties are involved in campus management, campus administration or campus politics. The political parties should be asked to leave the university or college campuses. The educational institutions should focus on imparting of knowledge and grooming the young minds in nation building," Meghalaya Education Minister said.

According to him, the Central Government rules permit people who are teaching in the central universities to get involved in politics.

"This could be the root cause for the unprecedented violence which is taking place in the prestigious universities of the country. It is time that we take a conscious decision to leave the educational institutions since it is not a place for politicking," he observed.

According to him, there are numerous platforms to fight for what is right or expose the wrong. "But these kind of issues should be kept away from college and university campuses," Rymbui said.

Meanwhile, he informed that they have already mentioned in the Meghalaya Education Policy that steps should be taken to ensure that teachers are not involved in politics.

"We are taking steps to implement whatever is there in the policy. Ultimately it is the decision of the Government when and how to implement this provision of the policy," Meghalaya Education Minister said.

He also said that the Government will issue necessary directive in this connection as and when the rules and regulations based on the policy are being framed.

"We are working on how to go about it. It is the need of the hour," Rymbui added.